Alternate warrior skins.

Alternate skins for the fantasy warrior.

Support for alternate skin textures for the miniatures was implemented months ago, though I’m just now starting to paint some of them. With multiple textures and hundreds of available weapon attachments, players will get quite a bit of variety from their miniatures.


Things you might notice in this build:

fantasy village

The Fantasy Village terrain set has been added. To maintain manageability of the large number of assets, the Fantasy Village has been organized into a number of variations: Blacksmith, Tavern, Marketplace, and Keep. To get a look at the new terrain, there is a sample map available.

weapon attachments

100+ fantasy weapon miniature attachments have been added. To help organize the attachments, you’ll see an Attach Type drop down has been added to the Character Settings dialog.

prop tooltop

To assist in map editing, tooltips have been added to the Map Editor for props and wall decorations. Just hover the mouse over the prop or decor on the Map Editor UI to view a description of the object.

handout tab

A handouts tab has been added to the notebook. Click this tab and choose an image file to automatically create handouts that are ready to share.

Lastly, the Pathfinder Beginner sample character sheet has been updated. The GenMacro for skills has been updated to use the class skills checkbox. If the checkbox is on and a skill rank has been applied, a 3 is added to the skill total. You can take a look at the macro for an example of using checkboxes.

Be sure to check the Backer Updates, or look for your BackerKit e-mail, for download links.

fantasy village pic

There has been continued interest in Tabletop Connect since the end of the Kickstarter. That interest has only increased with the preview of upcoming assets. To meet this need and help the Tabletop Connect community grow, Tabletop Connect will be opened up for pre-sales on June 15 (The date is pending final approval from BackerKit. If there is any change, a notice will be posted here.)

Based on feedback from backers, a new option will be available: the Unlimited Edition. This GM’s license will allow for any number of players to connect to your sessions. If you’ve already added 8-player licenses, it will be available for an additional $15.

For current backers, you’ll be receiving an e-mail next week with links to manage your pledge. There will be a two week window to make changes. If you don’t want to change anything, you won’t need to do anything. If you’d like to manage or view your add-ons, please log in.

For those of you itching to get your hands on the new Fantasy Village terrain set, it will be in the regularly scheduled June 15 build.

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback and support and I’m looking forward to growing this community even further. If you’re not already following the conversation on Google+, I recommend taking a look: Tabletop Connect Community.


The latest build of Tabletop Connect is available!

  • In this version you’ll find new character sheet elements: text boxes and checkboxes.
  • Gen Macros have been expanded to evaluate without die rolls.
  • The sheet editing UI has been revised for ease of use and more consistency with the map editor.

The documentation has been updated.

Be sure to look at these sections:
Creating a new sheet
Editing a character

To help get you started with the new features, you can get a Pathfinder Beginner Box character sheet here.

Be sure to check the Backer Updates for links to the latest download.