Things you’ll notice in this build

silhouette mini

A new custom mini type has been added: silhouette. Use this type with a transparent PNG file and image will be “cut-out of the cardstock” like a papercraft mini. In the image above you can see some random figures I made with HeroMachine,

There’s a new standard figure, the goblin, making its debut in this build.

highlighting system

The highlighting system has been re-worked with a post-effect shader. This new method not only results in a much clearer indication of what’s highlighted, but it also reduces memory and resource use. In the Fantasy Village sample I saw 18MB worth of memory savings and a 15% boost in framerate.

Be sure to check the Backer Updates, or look for your BackerKit e-mail, for download links.

Things you’ll notice in this build:

goblin captain

The Goblin Captain has been added to the available minis.

prop scale ui

When adding props the preview UI in the Map editor now scales the prop and display the scale multiplier. This should help out when placing small props, like candles, and also lays the foundation for adding large props.

Be sure to check the Backer Updates, or look for your BackerKit e-mail, for download links.


After much gnashing of teeth, multiple paged character sheet support is finally live in v0.062. Adding additional pages meant a restructuring of how the characters are represented which had a knock-on effect on nearly every sub-system.

There are still some features to come for multi-pages. Currently, the tabs are a fixed sized and, while color-coded, are unlabeled. In future revisions the tabs will scale down if necessary. This will be useful for pages smaller than letter or A4, or if you’re adding 10+ pages. I’ll also be adding the ability to add labels to the tabs. You’ll be able to see at a glance whether the page is for stats, or equipment, or whatever.

Sorry for the delay, but v0.062 is now available.

Things you’ll notice in this build:

warrior skins

Alternate Skins

Some alternate skins have been added to the warrior miniature. You can access these by using the arrows next to the figure preview in the character settings dialog. Expect more mini variations soon. Finally implementing the skin variations has illustrated that the figure preview will have to be larger.

Multiple Page Character Sheets

multipage tabs

You can now add multiple pages to a character sheet. GenMacros will also work across pages. So, the strength attribute on page 1 can impact the encumbrance calculation on page 2.

Various Bug Fixes

There were some bug fixes with attachments in scenes with multiple miniatures that have been addressed.

Be sure to check the Backer Updates, or look for your BackerKit e-mail, for download links.