Movement Grid in UnityToday I dug into a few Unity features: instantiating objects in script, moving and rotating objects, and ray casting for mouse interface and object collision. The first test, moving the miniature around the map.

I’m still wrestling somewhat with how to do movement on the map. In this first version, clicking on the miniature overlays a grid of areas to which the miniature can be moved. Clicking on a square moves the miniature there, while clicking on the square beneath the miniature cancels the move.

I’m not sure, yet, whether this is best interface for movement. It maintains the classic battlemat idea of discrete grids, but isn’t necessary. Moving the miniature “off the grid” can be every bit as valid. I could display a radius of possible movement, or track the mouse and show possible paths, or display a grid and let the player set “waypoints.” Certainly this is an area that will benefit from testing and iteration.

Test of Miniature Movement from C. Lewis Pinder on Vimeo.

What interaction with the miniature feels most “natural?”


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  1. PinderNET says:

    I like the click under the current square to cancel.
    Very “Civ” like.

  2. Eric says:

    I think I’d like see a table top feel where the cursor becomes a hand and picks up the minature. Is that possible? Or does it have to stay glued to the floor? Also, would prefer to keep the grid.

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