Nerd Poker with Brian PosehnWhile setting up podcasts on my new phone, Microsoft helpfully suggested Nerd Poker, Brian Posehn’s weekly podcast of he and his friends playing D&D. It did make me a little suspicious of how much data MS is actually sifting through. I’m not subscribed to any similar podcasts and only my Twitter feed would obviously make the connection. However, I’m going to put aside my suspicions and ¬†simply going to appreciate the serendipity of the find.

If you haven’t listened, it’s exactly what it sounds like. And while these sessions may not be exactly what I remember face-to-face gaming to be like, it bears an eerie familiarity. ¬†Each podcast is about an hour long and it takes the entire first episode to get the characters rolled-up and introduced. There is a great amount of silliness and distraction, a lot of off color humor, and some confusion about maps and distances and who can see what.

There have only been two episodes so far and I’ll stick with it awhile to see how it develops. As for the utility of the podcast? I think it will be of great service to me to be able to observe gaming sessions without being part of them. To see both the familiar and the unusual. As a tool, this project needs to both account for the commonalities and allow for the unexpected.


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  1. Eric says:

    If you want watch real play as well as listen to it, there is always
    I didn’t make it past episode 3, but it is 36 episodes of people playing D&D on camera.

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