Alternate skins for the fantasy warrior.

Support for alternate skin textures for the miniatures was implemented months ago, though I’m just now starting to paint some of them. With multiple textures and hundreds of available weapon attachments, players will get quite a bit of variety from their miniatures.


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  1. anstett says:

    Is there a ‘body part’ breakdown for the customizations?

    Thinking Arms, Legs, Upper Torso, Lower Torso, Head, etc.

    That would allow different color schemes for Kilts (in the above image) to mark the unit and everyone still wearing a standard tunic above. With of course the odd ball red head


  2. carl says:

    There’s no breakdown by body part. I’ve considered (am considering) some possibilities ranging from tinting model parts by vertex color to a custom mini painter.

  3. anstett says:

    Custom painter would be a very nice bonus plug in.

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