I’m back from Arizona and back up to working at full speed again. It’s good to be working with a reasonable amount of screen real estate. Progress is continuing on arbitrary walls. Today I managed to implement a stubbed solution for stitching together walls that are not at 90 degrees. Given that the wall pieces are of a fixed size—once they are moved off the grid—they don’t line up and will have gaps between the sections. The fix this, the end points of a line representing a section of wall are snapped to a grid and the wall sections are centered along that line. The remaining gaps on the ends are then filled in with a section of “mortar,” which is an extruded section of wall the length of the gap. You can see the mortar represented on the map as the untextured magenta segments.

There is still much to do, but this was critical step and is opening up some new possibilities, as well.


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