Monthly Archives: July 2015

Daily build v0.481

Fixes and additions FIX: Chat window now receives focus priority over camera. FIX: Copy/paste is working in chat input. FIX: Chat input is properly accepting input. FIX: Chat log die rolls are recording die results. FIX: Updated documentation. NEW: Chat

Daily build v0.480

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed new, load, and handout tabs. FIX: Player icons are removed from players on disconnect. FIX: Saving chat log saves local and remote chat entries. NEW: Added CTRL mask for wall edit and grid toggle in

Daily build v0.479

Fixes and additions FIX: Integration of refactored dice system. FIX: Fixed UI drift. NEW: Add/Remove dice types. NEW: Added d2 dice type. Part of the delay in getting this latest build out is that I’ve extracted and refactored the dice

Daily build v0.477

Fixes and additions FIX: Movement cost was not displaying in map view. FIX: Character sheet text using drafting typeface were not displayed. FIX: Updated documentation. While there are still additions that need to be made to the documentation, it has been

Daily build v0.476

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed start-point UI and placement. FIX: Updated more of the documentation. In this build the startpoint has been fixed in the map editor. More of the documentation has been updated, as well. The updated documentation is also available

Daily build v0.475

Fixes and additions FIX: Pivot point for group selections in map view is set to the bottom of the group. FIX: Move axis gizmo is clamped at construction grid. FIX: Removed checkbox text. NEW: Added help menu. NEW: Added y-flip

Updating the documentation

A new build should be ready to go tomorrow. At the moment, I’m working on getting the documentation up-to-date. Some of the references go back to v0.04. The new documentation will also be available in-game.

Daily build v0.473

Fixes and additions FIX: Drag while adding elements to sheets works in any direction. FIX: Multi-page sheets save the active page and restore on load or network transfer. FIX: Fixed lock on sheet images. NEW: Sheets are edited by clicking

Daily build v0.471

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed error loading/moving sheets after deleting a sheet. FIX: Reduced sheet drag cursor to 64×64. FIX: Fixed particle renderer. FIX: Turn order window resizes from corner. NEW: Turn order autosizes when adding or removing characters. NEW:

Daily Build 0.470

Fixes and additions FIX: Add page and sheet settings buttons fixed in sheet editor UI. FIX: Up-and-down arrows fixed for sheet text editing. FIX: Sheet editing is work in sheet view mode. NEW: In sheet text editing, Home and End