Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Fixed new, load, and handout tabs.
  • FIX: Player icons are removed from players on disconnect.
  • FIX: Saving chat log saves local and remote chat entries.
  • NEW: Added CTRL mask for wall edit and grid toggle in map view.
  • NEW: Added CTRL mask to toggle sheet editing mode.
  • NEW: CTRL+S saves the map in the map view.

A few fixes in this build. I’ve also added CTRL masks for some of the map view commands. To toggle wall edit mode, you now press CTRL(Control) + W, rather than W. The same for the grid display. It is now CTRL(Control) + G. Similarly, to toggle the sheet edit mode on the tabletop, use CTRL(Control + P).

Now in the map view, CTRL(Control) + S saves the map. If it’s the first time the map is being saved, you’ll be presented with the file save dialog. Otherwise, it will save to either the file name you have saved to, or the file name the map has been loaded from.

If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through BackerKit and you do not have the links for download. Send an e-mail to [email protected]


Developer of Tabletop Connect.

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