Monthly Archives: June 2015

Daily Build v0.462

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed error creating map sheet on new map. If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through BackerKit and you do not have the links for download. Send an e-mail to [email protected]

Critical v0.460 bug

I found a significant bug creating new maps in v0.460. There is a fix ready and a new build will be available tonight.

Daily build v0.460

Fixes and additions NEW: Added direct editing of text on character sheets. In this version you’re able to directly edit text on a character sheet. Text selection (with the mouse or shift-arrow keys) will be available soon, but it was

Daily build v0.450

Fixes and additions FIX: Decreased minimum camera distance on tabletop. FIX: Fixed sheet element handles on angled sheets. NEW: Increased maximum sheet resolution to 2048×2048. NEW: Refactor sheet element names on copy. NEW: Refactor sheet element names on rename. NEW:

Upcoming new character sheet features

I’m currently working on two new character sheet features for the next build. First, I’m increasing the resolution of the character sheets to allow for background images with small details to be used more effectively. Second, text editing will be applied

Daily build v0.440

Fixes and additions FIX: Pop-up menu actions in map editor apply to all relevant objects. FIX: Objects moved with grid snap will snap to the grid with their relative offsets. NEW: Generic action system added. NEW: Wall controls points refactored

Quick update on v0.440

Coming up in v0.440, the wall segments and control points have been refactored to inherit from standard map object. This means they behave the same as props, floors, etc. You’ll be able to select multiple wall segments, add them to groups,

Daily build v0.430

Fixes and additions FIX: Optimized Fantasy Village for performance and memory. NEW: GM is able to add minis to map during gameplay. In this build, the GM is able to minis to the active map during gameplay. If you are

Daily build v0.425

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed error adding new miniatures in map edit. FIX: Particles are hidden when not visible by player. NEW: GM is able to add props to map during gameplay. NEW: GM is able to add decor to

Daily build v0.415

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed character sheet/ map deletion. FIX: Fixed saving character sheet previews. FIX: Start-up options resolution selection changed to slider. NEW: Add name input to character settings. NEW: Added camp assets to Outdoor tileset. Added a name