Monthly Archives: April 2015

Daily Build v0.287 - Multi-level visibility

Fixes and additions FIX: Saved open state of doors is set at map load. NEW: Floors block visibility. Floors are now blocking visibility calculation which allows for multi-level visibility testing. If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through BackerKit

Daily Build v0.285

Fixes and additions FIX: Player visibility is calculated on mini drop by GM. FIX: Player light color and range are being updated on change. This build fixes yesterday’s bug with player visibility and fixes player lighting updates. Light color and

Daily Build v0.284

Fixes and additions FIX: Objects are placed properly on the map, regardless of height. FIX: Rotation of minis is fixed. FIX: Player visibility calculations are triggered on door open/close. FIX: Changes to map lighting are sent to players. NEW: Unified

Daily Build v0.28 - Visibility and pathfinding

Fixes and additions FIX: Visibility calculations have been reworked to return proper vis and is highly accelerated. FIX: Pathfinding is using new visibility calculations. FIX: Doors are working properly with visibility. FIX: Add to turn order action added back to

Visibility calculation improvements

I’ve been looking at the issues with mini visibility and mini moving and both are related to either visibility calculations or pathfinding accessibility of the map. The good news is that I’ve taken a different approach to the visibility calculations.

Daily Build v0.278

Fixes and additions FIX: Error dialog when loading map without characters or minis is now checking for connection and player status. FIX: Cardstock minis use unique materials to prevent image overrides. If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through

Daily Build v0.276 - Shift-copying objects

Fixes and additions FIX: Stairs are editable. NEW: Minimum move height for objects is set to construction plane. NEW: Shift-move copies props, floors, and minis. You can now shift-copy objects in the map view. Holding the shift key and moving objects

Daily Build v0.273 - Wall Segment Transforms

Fixes and additions FIX: Angle snap is fixed. The angle is now set to 15 degrees. NEW: Added move function to wall segments in wall edit mode. NEW: Added rotate function to wall segments in wall edit mode. NEW: Added

Daily Build v0.27 - Editing wall segments

Fixes and additions NEW: Wall segments in wall edit mode are highlightable and clickable. NEW: Delete wall segment. NEW: Update wall segment variation. Tabletop Connect - Feature Preview - Editing Wall Segments In the latest build, wall segments can be

Daily Build v0.267 is available

Fixes and additions FIX: Players without a character assigned are notified when a map is shared. FIX: Players without a miniature assigned are notified when a map is shared. FIX: When miniatures are assigned to a character and a map