Monthly Archives: January 2015

Interim build v0.197 is available

The next interim build (v0.197) is available. Fixes in this build: Visibility calculation has been updated and is working on map load. “Update variation” option has been added back to the map pop-up menu. Mortar variations have been added for

Go back to the beginning

I think was Vizzini in the Princess Bride that tells us (through Inigo Montoya) that “when a job went wrong, you go back to the beginning.” One of the “features” of moving the walls to a spline based system is

Interim build v0.196 is available

Work on the Unity 4.6 conversion is almost complete, However, the next version is getting further and further away from the last version released. Following a largely successful online session during the monthly Executive Producers’ conference call, a significant number