Fixes and additions

  • NEW: Added Outdoor Cavern tileset assets.
  • NEW: Add Fantasy Village Keep tileset assets.

I’ve been working on clipped floors. This new feature will create floor tiles that match the shape of the spline when adding floors to a map. The work is roughly 75% with most of the subdivision and triangulation working. This one of the last big features that will be introduced for the v0.5 milestone.

For a little more than week the temperatures in Los Angeles have been peaking in the low to mid 90s, Living in a pre-war building with no air conditioning, the heat wave has had an noticeable impact on my ability to do necessary things like math, so it’s been a little slow going this week. In the meantime, as a reward for you patience, I’ve added a few more tileset assets.

new cavern assets

In the Outdoor Cavern tileset, I’ve added some gems and rocks with gems, as well as, some small mushroom clusters.

new keep assets

In the Fantasy Village Keep tileset, I’ve added a double arch wall and three pillars.

There are a couple of outstanding bugs that need to be addressed, including the y-axis grid snap and updating map sheets during map editing sessions.

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