Coming soon to the Unity Asset Store you’ll be able to buy production tested assets and systems for your own Unity products.

The first to be available will be the RPG Dice System. The asset package includes all the standard dice for  a role-playing game: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100.

A custom shader is also included for the dice. There’s no need for extra texture maps change the die or pip colors.

New dice types can be added with only 3 lines of code.

Full c# source files provided.

View the demo.

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  1. _Rolf says:

    Is this asset supported under Unity 5? The asset store is giving a warning prior to purchase.

    • carl says:

      Hmm. Do you remember what the warning was? It was submitted using 4.6, but it has been tested using Unity 5. I wonder why they have a warning since the Asset Store tests assets under 5. In fact, there was a shader change and a rigidbody change in 5 that caused me to resubmit.

      • _Rolf says:

        Hi Carl,

        It was the standard warning that it might not work under Unity 5, which is why I posted here. Since then I went ahead and bought your asset. Unfortunately, now it seems to no longer be supported?!?

        What’s going on? This seems like a very nice asset, why has it been pulled from the store? Do you offer a refund?

        • carl says:

          It’s no longer available for sale in the Asset Store, but since you already bought it, you should be able to continue importing it from the Asset Store into projects. I’ll still be providing support for anyone who has purchased the asset.

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