Monthly Archives: May 2015

Daily Build v0.370

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed Modern City window transparency. FIX: Stacking objects only stack on up-facing surfaces. FIX: Adding objects doesn’t select objects. FIX: Object highlighting is disabled when adding objects. FIX: Fixed Fantasy Village keep curtain offsets. Added backfaces

Daily Build v0.361

Fixes and additions FIX: Set transform on wall attachments. (Fixes update variation with doors). FIX: Models are not active when adding floors or walls. FIX: Selection is cleared on delete. FIX: Escaping wall edit mode when moving or rotating clears

Daily Build v0.355

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed bug when decrementing prop model in the map UI. FIX: Map lighting now longer affects map UI render. FIX: Fixed all Dungeon wall heights. NEW: Added windows and fixed wall heights for Fantasy Village. NEW:

Daily Build v0.350

Fixes and additions FIX: Pathfinding allows movement over/under passable areas. FIX: Fixed “click drift” when adding floors and walls. FIX: Tavern walls are new standard of 1.5″ NEW: Added tavern half-walls and windows. NEW: Windows block movement, but not visibility.

Daily Build v0.345

Fixes and additions FIX: Save/load of NPC miniature and PC settings on map. FIX: Save/load of miniature and PC settings in character file. FIX: Free miniature movement when not using turn order. FIX: Removing character from turn order advances to

Daily Build v0.34

Fixes and additions NEW: Added support for variable walls heights. NEW: Split wall end caps to include and inside and outside cap. FIX: Wall end caps block visibility. FIX: Removed camera re-center on player move. FIX: Delete path arrows after

Daily Build v0.330

Fixes and additions NEW: Added status text below the dice bar for temporary messages. NEW: Cloned objects on map view are selected after copy. CHANGE: Arrow key moves construction plane one floor height, Shift + arrow moves the construction plane one

Daily Build v0.322

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed a bug moving props that made them “disappear.” FIX: Dungeon wall sizes have been adjusted to new 1.5″ standard. BUG: Wall end caps have not been adjusted and will be larger than dungeon walls. This

Daily Build v0.312

Fixes and additions NEW: Added rock wall variations to Outdoor tileset.   The only forward facing changes in this build is the addition of a rock wall variation in the Outdoor tileset. If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered

Daily Build v0.311 - Map Edit object filters

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed stacking floors bug that capped creating new floors at 2 levels. NEW: Added visible and selection filters to the map edit UI. New in this build are filters per object type to toggle the visibility or