• Fixes and additions
    NEW: Added status text below the dice bar for temporary messages.
  • NEW: Cloned objects on map view are selected after copy.
  • CHANGE: Arrow key moves construction plane one floor height, Shift + arrow moves the construction plane one wall height, CTRL + arrow moves the construction plane one-fifth floor height.
  • FIX: Delete mini is available in pop-up menu.
  • FIX: Dungeon column heights match new wall height.

For additional feedback and clarity, status text has been added below the dice bar for temporary messages. This includes sending and receiving data and map loading status.

When shift-dragging in the map view to copy objects, the cloned objects are now selected after the copy. This will make it easier to stamp down collections of objects.

In the map view, the up-down arrows still control the offset of the construction plane, but the numbers have been adjusted. Shift + arrow raises/lowers the construction plane one wall height. This is the new wall height of 1.5″(7′). The dungeon and outdoor walls match this height. CTRL + arrow raises/lowers the construction plane one-fifth of a floor height 0.025″(1.5″).

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