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Daily build v0.4945

Fixes and additions FIXED: Grid snap. FIXED: Extended map view grid. FIXED: Updating map sheet. NEW: Added Fantasy Village Keep statues. A few bug fixes. The grid snap should now be working as expected in all axes. The map view

Daily build v0.494

Fixes and additions NEW: Added Outdoor Cavern tileset assets. NEW: Add Fantasy Village Keep tileset assets. I’ve been working on clipped floors. This new feature will create floor tiles that match the shape of the spline when adding floors to

Daily build v0.493

Fixes and additions FIX: Session rooms use GUID for internal id. FIX: GM quitting a session removes session data from players. FIX: Chat traps keyboard input. NEW: Added Outdoor Cavern tileset. NEW: Added Outdoor Forest plant assets. Session “rooms” are

Daily build v0.4925

Fixes and additions FIX: Destroying floor splines after floor additions. NEW: Added corpse and blood splatter props to Fantasy Village Keep tileset. I’ve managed to keep my latest in-progress code isolated, so I can release another build with some additional

Daily build v0.492

Fixes and additions FIX: Added exception handling for loading character sheets. FIX: Added null checks for silhouette mesh renderer and mesh filter. FIX: Fixed grid snapping on y-axis. NEW: Added 90 degree stair turn to Dungeon Gray Brick tileset. This

Daily build v0.4915

Fixes and additions FIX: Loaded map sheets are properly set to notebook. FIX: Fixed loading embedded images or adding new images on sheets. This is a quick fix for v0.491. Maps loaded will now have their sheets properly added to

Daily build v0.491 is available

Fixes and additions FIX: Changing sheet size preserves tabs and background image. FIX: Tabs are shown in sheet view mode. FIX: Large numbers of sheet elements can be SHIFT cloned. FIX: Sheet previews are rendered at activation. NEW: Added UIRenderableObject

Daily build v0.490

Fixes and additions FIX: All door visibility and positions. FIX: Miniature scale is sent to players. FIX: Dice bar buttons are displayed with a fixed resolution. Some quick fixes for v0.489. All of the doors have been checked and verified.

Daily build v0.489

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed door visibility. FIX: Deleting NPCs from maps. FIX: Saving a map with a new name updates the ID. FIX: Door visibility fixed for players. FIX: Fixed flame particle positions for torches. NEW: Decor is offset

Daily build v0.487

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed map object collision order to fix player visibility. FIX: Prevent player from selected objects other than their own minis. If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through BackerKit and you do not have the