Daily build v0.491 is available

Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Changing sheet size preserves tabs and background image.
  • FIX: Tabs are shown in sheet view mode.
  • FIX: Large numbers of sheet elements can be SHIFT cloned.
  • FIX: Sheet previews are rendered at activation.
  • NEW: Added UIRenderableObject pool to cache sheet elements.
  • NEW: Active sheets draw elements from the pool. Inactive sheets return elements to the pool.
  • NEW: Added rendering queue to sheet rendering manager.
  • NEW: Macro dependencies are stored at macro modification.
  • NEW: Added round table to Fantasy Village tavern.

The latest daily build is finally available. I’d like to thank user Phoxounet again for pointing out some of the issues with the character sheets. Most notable in this build is the ability to SHIFT-copy any number of elements on a sheet. I haven’t tested copying more than 256 elements at a time, but that feels like a sufficient test number. There were some issues with tabs that have also been resolved. Tabs are preserved when changing the dimensions of a page and they are visible in sheet view mode (double-click on the sheet).

Changing the character sheet has been tested and validated over the network. Any changes to the sheet, including moving or removing elements are reflected across the network.

To thank everyone for their patience, I’ve added a round table to the Fantasy Village Tavern tileset.

If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through BackerKit and you do not have the links for download. Send an e-mail to [email protected]

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