Monthly Archives: August 2015

Daily build v0.491 is available

Fixes and additions FIX: Changing sheet size preserves tabs and background image. FIX: Tabs are shown in sheet view mode. FIX: Large numbers of sheet elements can be SHIFT cloned. FIX: Sheet previews are rendered at activation. NEW: Added UIRenderableObject

Quick Update on Build v0.491

As I mentioned in previous build notes, there is an issue with copying multiple elements on a sheet. To address this, I’ve moved the sheet elements to a pooling system. At startup, a pool is filled with sheet elements that

Daily build v0.490

Fixes and additions FIX: All door visibility and positions. FIX: Miniature scale is sent to players. FIX: Dice bar buttons are displayed with a fixed resolution. Some quick fixes for v0.489. All of the doors have been checked and verified.

Daily build v0.489

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed door visibility. FIX: Deleting NPCs from maps. FIX: Saving a map with a new name updates the ID. FIX: Door visibility fixed for players. FIX: Fixed flame particle positions for torches. NEW: Decor is offset

Status update on v0.488

Quite some time ago the walls were split into interior and exterior halves. Many of the reasons for this change (primarily visibility) are no longer issues and so I’m returning the walls to a single piece. This has the benefit

Daily build v0.487

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed map object collision order to fix player visibility. FIX: Prevent player from selected objects other than their own minis. If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through BackerKit and you do not have the

Daily build v0.486

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed player visibility. FIX: Added selection lock to prevent rogue object selection. I’m working on optimizations for walls, but I’ve temporarily rolled back those changes to get out some necessary fixes. If you are a Kickstarter

Daily build v0.485

Fixes and additions FIX: Group numbers are properly set at map load. FIX: Custom mini images were being reset on loaded map if mini settings were changed. FIX: Miniature preview render light no longer affects other objects. FIX: Minimum lighting

Wish List

A page has been setup with Idea Informer so where you can submit feature requests and vote on feature requests submitted by others. You can can always find the link to the page in the top menu as Wish List.

Daily build v0.484

Fixes and additions FIX: Fixed dice lighting. NEW: Added custom mini image regions. NEW: Map view optimization based on object visibility. A new feature is available in this build. Now when choosing an image for a custom miniature, you can