Daily build v0.485

Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Group numbers are properly set at map load.
  • FIX: Custom mini images were being reset on loaded map if mini settings were changed.
  • FIX: Miniature preview render light no longer affects other objects.
  • FIX: Minimum lighting value for dice reduced from 0.25 to 0.125.
  • NEW: Miniature bases are optional.
  • NEW: Miniature scaling is supported.

New in this build are two new miniature options.

  1. You can now optionally display the miniature base.
  2. Miniatures can now be scaled.

Two notes on scaling:

  1. The pathfinding does not currently take the scale of the mini into account, so large minis, for example, can fit into hallways that are too narrow. This will be addressed in an upcoming build.
  2. Light sources are not taking the scale of the mini into account, so a large mini with a torch will have the light inside of the mini. This will also be addressed in an upcoming build.

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