Monthly Archives: March 2015

Daily Build v0.235 Shader Update

v0.235 FIX: Shader update. Framerate in GMs map view increased 2x. Shader and lighting update that roughly doubles the framerate and provides better visual fidelity. If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through BackerKit and you do not have the

New Daily Build v0.234

v0.234 FIX: Checkbox save/load show box state. FIX: Doors are properly parented to walls. Should address save/load and orphaned doors. FIX: Fixed dungeon brick wall variation with bookshelfs. FIX: Fixed alternate doors for brick walls. FIX: Modified light settings to

Daily Build v0.232

v0.232 (March 27, 2015) Fixes and additions FIX: Flavor text is saved/loaded on sheets.

New daily build: v0.231

A new daily build is available. v0.231 (March 25, 2015) Fixes and additions FIX: Stair objects are selectable. FIX: Material fix for blacksmith wall caps. NEW: Initial work for moving props and floors on the y-axis (not reliable). If you

Introducing Daily Builds

In order to get fixes and features out to backers sooner, I’m introducing the “daily build.” This is a build that is updated frequently, but contains features that may not be complete. Although it’s called the daily build, there is

v0.22 is available

While there are some significant structural changes, this build is mostly for bug fixes. Primarily, it addresses an issue wherein custom minis were not being loaded with maps. With this version, all new maps will save and load minis normally.

Version v0.21 Mapping Updates

There are a number of new features mapping features available in v0.21. As the tutorial video is being prepped, here is an overview of the new features: Calculating map sizes To auto-calculate the map size, choose a background image. Then

One more feature for v0.21

Okay, so I’m squeezing one more new feature into the next build. You’ll be able to edit walls by dragging the existing endpoints of the splines, reshaping the walls.

Map Alignment Preview

It’s no great secret that creating tutorial videos is always a great motivator to add features that have “been on the back burner” and to fix some workflow issues. Working on the map editing videos, I’ve finally added the map

Creating Quick Handouts

A short video on creating quick handouts has been added to the video tutorials. This is the last of the sheet tutorials and next up is the video on creating maps.