There are a number of new features mapping features available in v0.21. As the tutorial video is being prepped, here is an overview of the new features:

Calculating map sizes

To auto-calculate the map size, choose a background image. Then click on the grid button in the map size cluster. You’ll find it next to the Grid Size input box.

The image options dialog will be displayed. Use the hand icon to pan around the image and the zoom out icon to reset the zoom. To zoom in on the image, click the zoom in icon and then drag an area on the map.

Click on the select tool (the square brackets below zoom in) and drag an area to define a 3×3 grid size.

Press OK and you’ll see that the grid size and the calculate map size checkbox have been set. Also notice that the width and height of the map have been calculated.


Aligning the map

With the background image loaded, you can align the map by pressing the G key to turn on grid mode.

In grid mode, you’ll see a grid overlaid on the background.

Use the arrow keys to nudge the map by one pixel in any direction. Hold the shift-key while using the arrow keys to nudge the map by 10 pixels. When finished, press the G or the ESC key to exit grid mode.


Adding Walls

When adding walls, you can press ESC to exit add mode.

When ESC is pressed, the last wall section will be cancelled and not added to the map.

Pressing the W key will enter wall edit mode. You’ll see the wall segments displayed in red with round nodes at each wall section. You can move the nodes by clicking and dragging the nodes to a new location. The wall will automatically be updated. Press the W key or the ESC key to exit wall editing mode.

You can select a wall and choose insert from the pop-up menu.

This will insert a node into the existing segment that can then be moved in wall editing mode (press the W key).

You can select a wall and choose split in the pop-up menu.

This will split the wall segment. Using wall edit mode, you can see that the wall segment has now been divided into two editable sections.


New Floor Types

Four new floor tiles have been added to the Dungeon Brick Set: 1) a raised block, 2) a straight stair, 3) a stair curved out, and 4) a stair curved in. These can be added as regular floor tiles. A good method for adding these tiles is to add all of the tiles as regular floor tiles and then use the Update Variation option to swap in the new floors.

Here you can see the new floor tiles added.

The links to v0.21 are available in the latest Kickstarter update. If you pre-ordered through BackerKit you should have received an e-mail with the latest links. If you have not, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


Developer of Tabletop Connect.

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  1. franckflo says:

    Great work. It would be nice to be able to multi-select walls or tiles to be able to delete or update them together with just one click.

  2. carl says:

    Absolutely. 80% of the multiple selection is in place. I just need to finish the last 20%.

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