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    I made a combat tracker as following :
    2 fields with attack and defense values => a difference is calculated from these two.

    Then, I use this difference in many fields for each character. Actually, there are dozens of fields calculated with this difference value. The problem is that there are a lot of errors. When I enter, as an example, attack 120 and defense 100, I should have 20 as a difference but each time I mouse over a value I can modify (such as attack or defense), all results change (difference and all other calculated fields) many times before showing the good result.

    For the example I showed : with attack 120 and defense 100, before having 20 as a difference, I got different values such as 0, 180, 50 and many other and after few mouse over movements over a field I can change, it finally shows 20.

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    If there is a cascade of calculations to arrive at the final value, it could be that you are seeing the intermediate results of the macros.

    For example, if you had a STR modifier that is derived from a STR value and then an Attack value adjusted by the STR modifier; a change to the STR value would first have to update the STR modifier and then update the attack value. Normally this would happen fast enough that you wouldn’t see the intermediate steps. However, if you have many interdependencies, this may not be the case. Having seen the complexity of the character sheet, this is a possibility.

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