In order to get fixes and features out to backers sooner, I’m introducing the “daily build.” This is a build that is updated frequently, but contains features that may not be complete. Although it’s called the daily build, there is no guarantee that there will be a new build everyday. Notices that a new daily build is available will not be sent directly to Kickstarter backers or BackerKit pre-orders. You will be able to find update announcements here, in the forums, at the Google+ community, on the Twitter feed, or on the Facebook page. Backers will still be notified of new stable builds.

In this build (v0.23)

FIX: Individual updated wall variations are saved/loaded with map file.
FIX: Sheet min/max values are being loaded with sheet.
FIX: Background map offsets are saved/loaded with map.

NEW: Added axis constraints for props and floors in map editor.

In the map editor you will see three axis constraints. These constrain movement and rotation of props and floors. Toggle the axes by pressing the corresponding key (x, y, or z) when moving or rotating a prop or floor. Movement is currently constrained along the world axes. Rotation is currently constrained on the local axes. Toggling off the z-axis when moving props will prevent them from “popping up” to be on top of other props or floor tiles. Independent movement on the y-axis (up and down) is not supported.

NEW: Added options to map editor: walls ignore stairs, floors affect props, and stack floors.

Use these checkboxes to turn off features of the map editor.

  • Walls ignore stairs - When adding or editing walls on a map, set this to have the walls ignore stairs.
  • Floor affect props - When set, adding floors under props will cause the props to be raised to rest on the new floors. Conversely, deleting floors will lower the props.
  • Stack floors - When set, adding or moving floors will cause them to stack on top of existing floors.

The links to download the daily builds are available in the latest Kickstarter update. If you pre-ordered through BackerKit, you should have received an e-mail with the links. The location of the daily build does not change and the same link should be used for future daily builds.


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