Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Set transform on wall attachments. (Fixes update variation with doors).
  • FIX: Models are not active when adding floors or walls.
  • FIX: Selection is cleared on delete.
  • FIX: Escaping wall edit mode when moving or rotating clears wall edit mode.
  • FIX: Creating floors uses construction plane with floor stacking, if plane is above existing floors.
  • FIX: Deleting wall section sets visible flags.
  • FIX: Map files save variation name rather than index.
  • FIX: Extended railings on tavern stairs.
  • NEW: Added railing wall type in tavern set.
  • NEW: Added Hide function.
  • NEW: Enter key functions as double-click for wall and floor editing.

The save/load functions for maps were saving the index of variations, rather than the name of variations. The effect of this was that loading maps after new variations were added loaded the wrong variation. This most commonly affects doors. The save/load has been fixed and future maps should load properly. If you have older maps that you want to have fixed, I can put together a special build that should properly save them for loading in the current build.

A new action in the map edit pop-up menu has been added: hide. This will hide the selected objects. To unhide objects, use the unhide all button in the map edit UI.

The railings on the stairs have been extended and a new railing wall type has been added to the tavern set.

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