I’ve been looking at the issues with mini visibility and mini moving and both are related to either visibility calculations or pathfinding accessibility of the map.

The good news is that I’ve taken a different approach to the visibility calculations. There is still work to do, but here is the upside: on my test maps the visibility calculations is spot on, significantly faster, and 3D checks rather than 2D. My previous best case optimized vis checks on the Red Dragon Inn was 0.309 seconds. The current checks are 0.049. That’s almost 30 fps.

Now the bad news. While my test maps are working 100%, there are a couple of issues with the Red Dragon Inn. It may or may not be door related, so I’m trying to track that down. Also, since the checks are now 3D, floors are important and I am currently still just checking walls. Additionally, looking at some maps that have a lot of height variation, ceilings (or the lack thereof) is going to be an issue that needs to be addressed.

Regarding the pathfinding issues, I’m going to look at leveraging the new vis checking to improve the pathfinding.

I expect to have a new build available some time tomorrow. The vis checking will definitely work for most maps, but may fall apart with on maps with large variations in height.


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