Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Visibility calculations have been reworked to return proper vis and is highly accelerated.
  • FIX: Pathfinding is using new visibility calculations.
  • FIX: Doors are working properly with visibility.
  • FIX: Add to turn order action added back to minis for GM.
  • FIX: Players may only move minis that are added to the turn order and are the active turn.

Visibility calculations are now performed in 3D space against walls only. The reliability is good and the performance is at least one order of magnitude better. Interaction with other objects, such as floors, will be coming. Pathfinding calculations are now also using this updated method.

The “add to turn order” option is now available for GMs and players cannot move their minis unless they are added to the turn order and it is currently their turn. There are many, many things I don’t like about the current turn order implementation, so expect that to overhauled soon.

There were some known issues with maps that had a lot of height differences and in looking at those, I’ve found some pretty significant bugs when placing objects on the map. I’ll be addressing this soon.

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