Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Chat window now receives focus priority over camera.
  • FIX: Copy/paste is working in chat input.
  • FIX: Chat input is properly accepting input.
  • FIX: Chat log die rolls are recording die results.
  • FIX: Updated documentation.
  • NEW: Chat log options moved to start-up options.
  • NEW: Added optional timestamp for chat log entries.
  • NEW: Added optional prefix/suffix for chat log entries.
  • NEW: Added auto-save chat log directory.

The majority of the fixes and additions in the build are for the chat log. The options for the chat log have been moved to the Player Options window. Added are the use timestamp, log entry prefix and suffix, and a output folder that may differ from the default data directory.

The prefix and suffix are most useful for formatting if you are inserting the chat log into and HTML document.

The file name for auto-saved chat logs has been changed to a more readable format. An example file name would be, “Chat log for Sunday, 7-26-2015″ Since auto-save chat logs are appended to an existing file name, all of the chat logs for that day will be appended together. This is useful if you have to start and stop a session for any reason during the day. You may still manually save the current chat log using the save button in the chat input window.

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