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    I have unreliable mouse interaction in the UI.

    I can’t drag text boxes or images in the character creation.
    The pen icon appears for a second then disapears. Occasionally I get a mis-sized box of a couple of pixels by a couple of pixels.

    I can’t move the character sheet around the desktop. I sometimes get it to jump positions, but usually get a flash up of the context menu.

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    Another user was having difficulty with mouse input (though the error was not the same) and it was finally tracked down to a wonky game controller that was attached.

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    I do typically have several game controllers attached to my system.

    I’m finding that the software must be reading mouse clicks doubled up or something.

    I can drag a text box, if I jerk the mouse really fast while left clicking. The faster I yank the mouse sideways, the larger the text box.

    I will go about disabling game controllers to see if that helps.

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    Disabling game controller drivers has solved the problem.

    I am extremely excited about the potential of this software. I’ve been following, lurking and holding off donating for over a year and a half. I think this has amazing potential.

    I also believe that asking gamers to disable game controllers to use game software of one variety or another, could be a significant obstacle to the success of the software.

    I’ll start re-enabling to see which was the culprit.

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    Confirmation that re-enabling drivers for game controllers and restarting, for an entirely unknown reason, has solved the input problem and left me with all of my game controllers connected.

    Controllers connected are:
    G700s mouse
    and G13 gamepad
    Saitek x52pro
    Logitech F710 gamepad.
    CH Pro rudder pedals

    Logitech’s software has had a habit of misbehaving. I’ll keep an eye out to see if this conflict develops again, and what I can do to pin down the source of the problem

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    Is there a way I can edit the top topic to be more informative for future users?

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      If you edit your top level post, you should be able to change the topic title.

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