Daily build v0.482

Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Memory managed during map load.
  • FIX: File browser map preview optimized.
  • FIX: Light flicker initialized on awake.
  • FIX: Precaching lights and particles for objects.
  • FIX: Removed unused map view direct light.
  • FIX: Fixed checkbox macros.
  • FIX: Fixed NPC duplication during map load.
  • NEW: Added status text when saving map in map view.
  • NEW: Updated status text during map load.

Most of the changes in this build are optimization for maps, primarily during loading. Much of the memory is now managed during load, which decreases the CPU cycles for garbage collection after the map has completed loading.

The status text during map loading also displays more verbose information about the status of the loading, including the time to load the map.

There was an issue with previous builds wherein the NPCs were being duplicated during loading. This was causing an exponential increase in the number NPCs on the map. To address this, NPCs are now removed from maps from version v0.481 or earlier. If you have a map that contains NPCs that need to be preserved, you can send me the map and I will return a new map with the NPCs intact.

Backwards compatibility for maps has been removed for any maps that are older than v0.410. Similarly, if you have an older map that you need updated, I will update it for you.

Checkbox macros have been fixed. For example, if you needed a number macro affected by a checkbox the macro would be:

if(checkbox0) { 1; }

Adding this as the Gen Macro for  a number field would set it’s value to 1 if the checkbox is set and to 2 if it is not. Be sure to change checkbox0 to the name of your checkbox.

There are number of further optimizations that will be coming.


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