Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Entering text on character sheet resets modality.
  • FIX: Added “bail counter” to pathfinding to prevent infinite recursion.
  • FIX: Fixed player movement when active in turn order.
  • FIX: Players can only select their own mini.
  • FIX: Preventing empty pop-up menus.
  • FIX: Fixed load/save of startpoints.
    FIX: Changing the name of a character updates the name in the turn order.
  • NEW: Added wind parameters in Map Options.
  • NEW: World space shader added.
  • NEW: Adding character sheets to NPCs.
  • NEW: Saving NPC characters with map.
  • NEW: Adding NPCs to turn order adds them the GM character list.

Loading sheets for NPCs

To load a sheet onto a mini on the map. Select “Load character” in the mini pop-up menu. Choose sheet file to load and that character sheet will be applied to the mini.

Editing the NPC

To edit the NPC, choose “Add sheet to tabletop” in the mini pop-up menu and an instance of the character sheet will be added to the notebook.

Adding NPCs to the turn order

To add NPCs to the turn order, choose “Add to turn order” in the mini pop-up menu. This will add the NPC to the turn order window and will also add the character to the GM’s player icon. Removing the NPC from the turn order will also remove the character from the player icon.

Changing the NPC Name

The name of the NPC can be changed like any other character. Click on the name in the player icon and enter a new name. The name will be updated in the turn order.

Map Options

In the map settings dialog, you will find an options tab. In the NPC section, set “Embed characters in map file” to store the character values (including the name) in the map file. If this is disabled, only the explicit path to a character file is stored. Be sure to save your NPCs separately if you are not embedding the characters.

Set “Embed sheets in map file” to store the character sheet in the map file. If this is disabled, only the explicit path to a sheet file is stored.

Also, you may now set wind values for your map on the options tab.

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    ok great job running some function but many lagg , c is almost unplayable though I have a very good computer and I have dropped the resolution at maximum.Es have my comments bothers you, or I can continuer.Le big problem for the I c is the lagg . Thank you clean all the work done.

  2. Blackcat06 says:

    ERf bad translate sorry .Think u for all job

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