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    I would like to see a way to implement external links that allowed you to link to an external programs like twine video or other content like video that could be used in the game .
    My reason for mentioning twine is because I feel it would be esp useful in creating dialogue / options for each specific sqaure / tile / object it was linked to , to trigger random or preconfig events.

    It would also eliminate the learning curve for those with no coding experince ( like me ) whishing to do more to add to the game.

    Just a thought - cheers

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    I wasn’t aware of Twine, thanks for pointing it out. Displaying Twine inside of Tabletop Connect is doable, however, its utility would be limited. Something like Twine is self-contained and doesn’t produce any output to be redirected to Tabletop Connect.

    There is, however, some interesting information there and I’ll be sure to take a closer look.


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    Glad I could help Carl - perhaps you could borrow some ideas for development ?

    i just think it would be very unique - and interesting to have a scenario where the DM did not have to do everything or be there to play the game but instead rejoin it manually or tweak it whenever he choose.

    It might not be as organic socially but it would make it far more exciting for the DM ( who is just going through the motions anyway ) to see where and how the AI took the quest from how he would of done it.

    If a fully AI/DM was possible it might also be interesting to show that off by having guests ( non members ) able to join in on demo game with other Guest players against AI / DM

    Lots of IFs there I know.

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    I think my point is finding a game ( DM ) is going to be tough until you get a lot of players here , and people with the time who are willing to play the role.

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