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    Work on the Unity 4.6 conversion is almost complete, However, the next version is getting further and further away from the last version released.

    Following a largely successful online session during the monthly Executive Producers’ conference call, a significant number of bugs have been fixed and I’m releasing an interim build that will keep the adventurous types from getting too far behind.

    The documentation has mostly been updated. http://www.tabletopconnect.com/quick-start-guide/Quick-Reference-Guide.html

    Here are the known issues with this build:


    • Preview image is not rendered for map.
    • Objects outside the map boundaries are not removed if a map’s dimensions are decreased.
    • Change variation option in map editing is not implemented.
    • Visibility is not being set on initialize. Moving a player mini will calculate visibility on drop.
    • Mortar variations do not exist for all wall types.
    • The dice collider in the map view is only the size of the map.
    • Adding objects to a map that is shared with players is not updated over the network.


    • Notes are not editable.
    • Notes are not sent over the network.
    • GenMacros are not functioning.
    • Changes to a sheet (adding elements or move/scale existing elements) are not send over the network.

    If you’re a backer and you didn’t get a notification with the download links, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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