The character sheet editor is finally at alpha. Most of the time was split between trying to maintain the “look and feel” of a physical character sheet and struggling with Unity’s UI system. I’ll talk more about Unity in a future post where I’ll discuss the things that have and haven’t work well with Unity. For now, let’s take a look at the editor.

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Beginning with a blank page of any size (there are defaults for letter, legal, A4, and A5), you can add several different types of elements: text, whole numbers, decimal numbers, checkboxes, and images. Each of these elements is lockable, meaning that they can’t be modified by the player in the character editor. This essentially turns text into labels and images into graphic elements.

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The text, number, and checkbox elements are assigned a name, as well as a default value and text size. This name will be used in dice and chat macros to access entries on the character sheet, e.g. “1d20 + strAdj” to roll 1d20 and add the value named “strAdj.”


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While the default is a sheet of notebook paper, any image can be used as the background. You can use a scanned image, character sheets off the web, or something custom you put together in Photoshop.

For the test run, I setup both the classic D&D character sheet and the handwritten sample from the Molday Basic edition.


Tabletop Connect Character Sheet Editor from C. Lewis Pinder on Vimeo.


Also available on, YouTube.


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  1. netrnnr says:

    your video actually made that exciting
    as for the method … simple … perfect

  2. Eric says:

    So the GM will be able to hand out basic character sheets and the players will be able to customize them?

    • carl says:

      Anyone can create a character sheet that can be shared with other players. I suspect it would typically be the GM, but it could be anyone. Character sheets will also be able to be shared with anyone. So a group playing ‘Call of Cthulhu’ could share their character sheet with any other group playing ‘Call of Cthulhu.’

      The character sheet itself won’t be modified by the players, other than entering the data for their character and adding any other notes.

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