Build v0.125 is now available for Kickstarter and Pre-order backers. Check the Kickstarter update, or your e-mail for links to the latest build.

This version fixes a number of reported bugs with the Map Editor, as well as adding a number of new features.

Stacking Floors

You can now add height to your maps by stacking floor tiles. Either create new tiles on top of existing ones, or move tiles to stack them. Floor tile have also broken free from the grid. You can move tiles anywhere on the map and rotate them to any angle.


DOF screenshot

A depth of field effect has been added to map views. In the Map Editor, the effect is visible when previewing the level lighting (the light bulb button in the UI). The effect also appears in the Map View. The DOF focuses on whatever object the GM or player mouses over.

Player Line-of-sight Visualization for the GM

GMs view

In the Map View the map is now drawn with a simplified, pre-lit shader for all objects that are outside the LOS of the players. Areas within the players’ LOS is rendered normally.

Angle and Grid Snap in the Map View

You can now snap objects when rotating or moving in the Map View by holding down the S-key.

Upcoming build

The next build will be focusing mostly on assets. There are number of assets, particularly modern minis and terrain, that need to be integrated. Additionally, the UI needs another pass to better use the screen resources and to provide hooks for all the optional parameters that are currently unavailable to the users.



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