Fixes and additions

  • FIX: Refactored all scroll lists (chat, file browser, mini list).
  • FIX: Fixed double-click in file browser.
  • FIX: Moved chat input to bottom of chat blade.
  • NEW: Resize turn order window.
  • NEW: Added graveyard style.
  • NEW: Added trees to outdoor.
  • NEW: Added wind to trees.

Chat UI

All of the scroll lists have been refactored. Among the changes, the scroll lists now properly snap to the bottom or top of the list as appropriate. The chat input UI has been moved to the bottom of the chat blade. The chat entries have also been refactored to fit-and-scale the data. The die roll results have been expanded to support longer output values. In the screenshot you can see how long text is formatted. Additionally, you can see a Fate die macro showing the long text output.

Turn Order

The turn order window is now resizeable using the handle in the lower right corner.

New Assets

The trees have been updated to support the lighting model. With the new support, 18 trees were added to the Outdoor forest style. When viewing the map with lighting enabled, wind effects have been added. Hooks have been added to set the wind values per map and should be exposed in the UI soon. A second style (graveyard) has been added to the Outdoor set. It currently only includes gravestones and coffins.

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