Work has begun on arbitrary wall placement and so an early build is being made available before everything becomes broken and unstable during development.


This build mostly fixes some bugs with character sheets, so there aren’t any visible changes.

dice macros

Additionally, a .SHEET file is available with a few sample dice macros on an index card. Until custom macros are available on the dice bar, this is a good method to save and share dice macros. Included on the card is the missing d100 die roll.

Dice Macros Sheet

Be sure to check the Backer Updates, or look for your BackerKit e-mail, for download links.

Things you’ll notice in this build:

New Features
File Browser Seed Filename – The file browser remembers the last file save or open name letting you save a file easily over the last edit.
File Browser Autocomplete – Typing in the file browser input textbox will now autocomplete to existing, matching file names.

Help Display

help display

There have been a lot of new users added recently and the new help panel should assist easing them into Tabletop Connect. The current help panel only shows the UI control reference, but context sensitive help is coming soon.

New Assets

mini variations 1

mini variations 2

Four skin variations have been added to each miniature to help illustrate the number of variations possible with skin and attachment changes.

Bug Fixes 
Character Settings dialog is renders the current miniature when opened.
Attachment drop-downs are being populated based on the current miniature when Character Settings dialog is opened.

Miniature skins and attachments are saved with map.
Map re-sizing is working, also fixed a bug where adjusting a map settings was trimming from the top of the map.
Added versioning error message if attempting to open a map that is too old.

Be sure to check the Backer Updates, or look for your BackerKit e-mail, for download links.