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    Just found out about Tabletop Conect (I’m a Fantasy Grounds owner). Looks pretty cool. I did a search for “can I import my own 3d” and found only one or two relevant threads. One was by “bobb” under a “VR capable?” thread. Anyway, bobb asked if he could import 3d content. A reply by a BOB (moderator/rep?) basically said “Not at this time”, and that was back in March. So…

    Now that it is 7+ months later… is it still “No”? I’m a 3d artist and RPG’er. I can easily create my own 3d content for my game (or to sell). Is there going to be any particular point when importing your own 3d content is possible? If not, is there going to be an ‘Asset Store’ where people can buy new mini’s, texture sets, effects, sounds, music, etc? If so, how easy is it going to be to sell my own stuff on there? (I guess this would all basically need a way of importing assets, unless Tabletop Connect…er… Smiteworks… wants to do all the asset gathering, checking, testing themselves).

    Anyway…that’s my question. What’s the story on importing my own, personally created, 3D content?


    Paul L. Ming

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