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    Hi there,

    I know that TTC is not developped anymore but maybe someone could have an answer for me. I made a calculated combat sheet : it calculates damages based on protection and roll results. Anyway, i have some weird results : I sometimes get a xx,000000000001 ou yy,9999999999999 instead of the good result. Like 55*1,65 = 90.750000001 instead of 90.75. Any idea ?

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    It looks like floating-point imprecision. You should be able to fix this with the javascript function toFixed(). If the variable is named “damage,” for example, you would use

    damage = damage.toFixed(2);

    You can also use a “+” prefix to use only the number of digits necessary. If the result was 0.70 then

    damage = +damage.toFixed(2);

    will return 0.7.

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    Worked like a charm ! Thx a lot

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