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    Hi !
    Two days ago, I and a friend of mine made a short playtest session. As you already know, Carl, our sheets are huge ones, with a lot of items. Moreover, I tried to optimize the background resolution of the sheets (image compression vs readability). At the current state, a sheet file size is about 1 Mo.

    I am wondering how datas and network are working : when a sheet is shared to a player, I guess that data are sent to the player as an upload packet. And here is what we wanted to know : Does it matter to have the player sheet on the GM side that is sent to the player or may every player save his/her sheet on his/her side and then share it with the GM/table (assuming the fact that associating a sheet with a player e.g. creating a character automatically shares the sheet with the GM) ?

    I also guess that players having the sheet on their side would be better since the GM would not have to send multiple packets (connection upload limitation).

    Well… I may not be clear. Hope you understood the question !


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    The character data and the images are sent separately. Images are cached locally by a unique identifier (hash value). Before receiving and image, the hash values are compared and if the image is already cached locally, the image is not downloaded. Therefore, the most efficient method should be for the players to open their character sheets and then share them with GM. This assuming that all of the character sheets use the same background images.

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